He/him. Experience collector. Collar cynic. Billiard breaker. Conflict mediator. Non-violent communicator. Director of Design Operations at Foundry.

Almost everything I know I've learned from experience. I've experienced a lot. I was born in Ohio. Since then, I've lived in over 50 different homes across ten states and two countries.

I've spent time up and down (though mostly down) the economic ladder. I was expelled from high school, dropped out of community college, and have gotten by on my own since the age of 16, wearing just about every collar they've fitted for the working class.

Nowadays, my focus is on excellence in operations, delight in design, and guiding teams of talented designers to find digital solutions in locations both obvious and unexpected.

No matter the circumstance, I've always sought to help people do things better, which is to say I've always had an opinion about the best way to do things. Over time, those opinions have evolved. I've come to better recognize all the different types of people and environments that one has to account for when designing the "best" way to do something.